Fenwick AETOS Fly Rod Review

Considered as a lightweight rod, Fenwick Aetos comes with 17 different models but this can be a bit heavier for the amateurs. This gives optimum performance in both freshwater and saltwater conditions. Therefore, one can easily catch fish in any water and wind conditions. This rod comes in a 4-piece set, each set constructed from durable material and of high-class quality. Also equipped with an extended handle, Fenwick Aetos comes at a price of under $200.

Fenwick Aetos Fly Rod Review

Fenwick AETOS Fly Rod

Custom hard rod tube protects the rod from hard water conditions. One can even set the tube of the rod according to their suitability.

 Fighting butt at the lower section of the rod provides the power to control and lure large fishes when they are trying to escape in water. Many fly rods don’t come with a hook keeper but with Fenwick Aetos you get a customizable hook keeper. 

 Burled double lock rings are used to hold the line and keep the line stable when the fish is exerting force on the line

Fiber glass hardware adds strength to the structure of the rod at the same time making it lightweight.

  • Changeable handle
  • disc drag system
  • Large arbor size
  • Fast medium action rod
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Slower speed line compared to other rods
  • No shoulder strap
  • Does not have a protective case
  • Not recommended for beginners.

Key Features & Its Benefits

Is Weight of this rod, Line and Length heavy for a beginner?

Weighing 3.44 ounces, Fenwick Aetos can be a bit heavy rod for a beginner. The reason being the low-quality graphite that is used in the manufacturing of this rod. The 5-weight variant provides a much lighter swing than other rods. There are many different weight models of Fenwick ranging from 4-weight to 8-weight.

Line of Fenwick Aetos has a very little chance of getting snapped. Forward line weight is kept heavy to balance the overall weight of the rod. A large amount of line can be loaded on Fenwick Aetos which gives the ability to fish both in freshwater and saltwater. Fenwick Aetos rod comes with a standard-length size of 10ft.

Fenwick AETOS rod

Movement and Coordination

Being a fast action rod Fenwick Aetos helps comes with a faster retrieving line that helps to lure the fish at a faster rate and also helps to hit the target with precision. Tip of the rod is the lightest part of the rod which helps the line to move in different directions with ease.

The lower section of the rod is heavy and stiff to provide the force to throw the line at target. Beginners who are starting out with Fenwick Aetos can feel a little uncomfortable but with time get used to the action of the rod.

Quality of Material used in Constructing the Rod

To keep the overall weight of the rod light Fenwick has provided single half well cork. These corks are AAA graded which provide a tight hold and protection to the hand of the angler. Alignment dots help to make the rod ready for use as quickly as possible once out on the water.

Disc Drag system built out of steel helps to provide smooth flow and efficient casting to the line. Nickel reel seat provides adaptability to the rod to perform well in both freshwater and saltwater. Hooks are surrounded by rubber and plastic coverings to protect it from saltwater conditions.

Fenwick AETOS Fly Rod reviews

Limited Life Time Warranty

Fenwick provides a limited life time warranty on this fly rod. If there is any fault in the overall structure or functionality of the rod then Fenwick provides a replacement or repairs that rod for free. But one needs to buy this fly rod from Fenwick dealer only otherwise he/she might not get the warranty offer.

For different segments of the rod, you can easily get a replacement which would otherwise cost you a lot of money. If the rod gets damaged by a natural incident or stolen then there is no responsibility of Fenwick.

Casting Capability and Adaptability

This rod has a far-reaching capacity compared to other fly rods. Positive hooks are customizable which can help to set the casting distance of the line. This helps to improve the accuracy of the line. Fenwick Aetos has a large loading capacity due to which this rod can carry a large amount of line which helps to caste longer.

Angler can caste a minimum distance of 16ft and a maximum distance of 55ft. Fenwick Aetos performs better with medium castes. It is equipped with a floating line that helps to lure the fish in any water condition.

Social Proof

Anglers around the world use Fenwick Aetos as their number 1 fly rod. I have gathered many testimonies and reviews which I would like to share with you:

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These are the reviews from the customers who have purchased the Fenwick Aetos Fly Rod from Amazon.


With most flexible tip among fast action rods, Fenwick Aetos makes a perfect fit for anglers who want a perfect casting loop out of their rod. Equipped with all the latest features and qualities, Fenwick Aetos proves its excellence in any ocean, lake, water and river.

One spends his valuable time in just looking for an ideal rod which comes at an affordable price, Fenwick Aetos can be your ideal rod which stands tall on your expectations. With a suitable line, weight, and length Fenwick Aetos can provide you the best fishing experience and that also at an affordable price.

Fenwick AETOS Fly Rod Review
  • Value for money
  • Accuracy
  • Durability
  • For beginners

Fenwick AETOS Fly Rod

Fenwick AETOS rod comes in a 4-piece set, each set constructed from durable material and of high-class quality. Also equipped with an extended handle, Fenwick Aetos comes at a price of under $200.

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