Moonlit Fly Rod Review – Lightest Rods with Faster Action

Here is our in-depth review of the Moonlit fly-fishing rod, so you can find out whether it is the right fly rod for you!

Moonlit is a fast action fiberglass rod where one can easily use this rod in both fresh and saltwater conditions. This rod provides a more consistent and smoother cast compared to casts of the majority of other rods.

The goal of the Moonlit fly rod is to provide high-quality, high-performance to the anglers and, at affordable prices, to make fly fishing more accessible. Targeting generally the people who want a more calm and relaxed fishing experience, this rod is suitable both for amateurs and experienced.

Moonlit Fly Rod Review

moonlit fly rod review

Smooth accurate short and medium casts are guaranteed with Moonlit fly rod. But in case you need to switch to fast action shorts, you can easily use the reserved power of the rod. This helps throw the line at high speed over long distances.

Moonlit has a fast recovering tip which provides a much higher retrieving speed to the line when you need to attract the fish or lure it out of water.

Many people are often disappointed when they don’t get good hook sets with their fly rod. But not in Moonlit’s case as the hook set is elastic enough and stiff to fight against the force of the fish easily lure it in.

Deep bend in the rod quickly helps to move the rod in different directions, which helps to roll the cast while luring the fish.

Rod Sizes:

  • 8wt – 8ft 6in
  • 7wt – 8ft 6in
  • 6wt- 8ft 2in
  • 5wt – 8ft
  • 4wt – 7ft 6in
  • 3wt – 6ft 8in
  • 2wt – 6ft 6in
  • Softer and a smoother action
  • Provides more fighting strength when landing large fish
  • Powerful hook set
  • Unbreakable Line
  • Not much accuracy with longer casts
  • Slower rod action compared to other rods

Key Features of Moonlit Lunar S-GLASS Fly Rod

Here, in this section, we will explore the features and performance of Moonlit Fly rod which will definitely give you the insights on whether this rod is the right choice for what you demand or not.

Weight, Line, and length

Moonlit Lunar S-GLASS Fly Rod

If you are starting in fly fishing, you will find Moonlit fly rod much more comfortable due to its lightweight compared to other rods. The weight of Moonlit ranges from 2wt to 8wt with variation in length. I would recommend you Moonlit 2wt-4wt if you want to fly fish in freshwater as it can quickly help you catch trout.

But if you want to fly fish in saltwater, you should go with 4wt-8wt as it can help you to fish easily in harsh water conditions. I can surely tell you that where ever you aim, the line of Moonlit will hit that target with accuracy and precision.

The length of Moonlit fly rod ranges from 6ft to 8ft according to the weight of the rod. The thing that grabbed my attention about this fly rod was that you could load a fine line for Moonlit. This is possible due to the large loading capacity of Moonlit.

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Faster Rod Action

When I swung Moonlit fly rod, I got one of the lightest actions that anyone can get out of a fly rod. If you are a beginner, you should start your fly-fishing journey from this rod.

Moonlit Lunar S-GLASS rod Hook-ring

When you look at the rod’s outer structure, you will find that the rod is stiff at the bottom and thin on the upper section. This helped me to withstand shocks on water due to drift.

When I cast with Moonlit, I observed a smooth action of the line throughout the rod, which happened due to a progressive tapper. Sometimes fast action rods damage the tippet of their rod due to their action. But this does not happen with Moonlit as it has a soft action but fast enough, which protects the tippet.

Manufacturing Quality

Moonlit Lunar S-GLASS rod grip

If you observe the rod from top to bottom, you could see a deep flex in the rod. This flex provides excellent flexibility to the rod due to which it can bend in any direction.

Now, when you look at the Fiberglass rod’s outer structure, you can see that the whole rod is made from fiberglass. Choosing fiberglass instead of graphite is a great and smart choice as fiberglass is cheaper and more durable than graphite.

When I held the rod, I got a firm grip, which made it easy for me to hold the rod for a long time without any fatigue. This happened due to the half wells grip provided in this rod.

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While fly fishing, I had minimal tension and worry about my fly rod as Moonlit fly rod comes with a lifetime warranty. The thing that separates Moonlit from other brands is that they don’t make you send parts of the rod for replacement or repair. But instead, send you the replaced or repaired parts of the rod so you can within no time get back to fly fishing.

However, it would be best if you remain aware and cautious while fishing with Moonlit fly rod. As in case of any natural incident like fire, intentional breakage, theft, or any alterations made to the rod, which causes any damage, Moonlit takes no responsibility.

Versatility and Casting Ability

Casting Ability

I fly fished with Moonlit on both freshwater and saltwater, and I can tell you that you won’t be disappointed as Moonlit is capable of performing exceptionally well on both conditions.

You can easily fish with Moonlit in any stream, river, ocean, or water without much difficulty as it provides smooth and efficient casts.

Moonlit is on its peak when it comes to mid-range casts as it can provide more tight loops in that range, which can help to lure the fish. Alignment dots help to assemble the rod for ready to use condition quickly.


If you are a beginner, you can start your journey with Moonlit fly rod as it offers one of the lightest actions. It is more affordable than many glass rods and even more durable, making it a popular choice. Its robust hook set is one of a kind that satisfies the needs of the majority of anglers. Alignment dots are also provided in Moonlit fly rod so that you can quickly assemble this rod. If not the best, this rod can be your ideal choice. 

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