Orvis Encounter Review

Orvis Encounter is often considered as the best entry level rod which reflects the definition of high quality. Best suitable especially for beginners, this rod is designed to perform perfectly well in both freshwater and saltwater water, and you can use this fly rod in any ocean, lake, river, or sea. A powerful line gives an extra edge on the water to the angler.  Although there are many different models of the Orvis Encounter where its weight ranges from 5wt-8wt, the price of all these models is set at $169.   

Orvis Encounter Fly Rod Review

 The Orvis Encounter is manufactured with graphite material that makes it both lightweight and strong.  

This rod will allow the amateurs to cast anything from ultralight dry flies to streamers because of its smooth and efficient casting. And to confirm your comfort on the lakes, it is equipped with a durable cork handle that is smooth for a perfect grip.

Orvis Encounter works perfectly against the current of water as it is equipped with a floating line. The floating line helps to maintain the stability of the rod.

Tapered leader helps to perform well in saltwater by enhancing the hook of the rod.

To protect the hands of the angler Orvis has provided half well cork handles which provides a firm grip. Throwing or retrieving the line is very easy due to the disc drag system provided in this fly rod.


  • Light weight                                                       
  • disc drag system
  • Affordable
  • Best for Beginners
  • Large Arbor


  • Does not come with a 25-year warranty
  • No protective case for the protection of rod
  • No Alignment dots

Product Name

Best for




Orvis Encounter 5-weight 8' Fly Rod Outfit

For new generations

Orvis Encounter 5-weight 8'6" Fly Rod Outfit

All-around affordable fly rod ideal as a first time rod or backup option

Orvis Encounter 5-weight 9' Fly Rod Outfit

Great choice for bigger trout water.

Orvis Encounter 6-weight 9' Fly Rod Outfit

Unmatched performance and affordability

Orvis Encounter 6-weight 9'6" Fly Rod Outfit

Ideal for bigger freshwater applications

Orvis Encounter 8-weight 9' Fly Rod Outfit

Affordable fly rod perfect as a first big-game outfit or backup travel rod.

Orvis Encounter 7-weight 10' Fly Rod Outfit

Fly Rod Outfit refuses to sacrifice performance.

Key features of Orvis Encounter

Weight of the rod, Line and Length

Being lightweight, this rod performs perfectly well against fast fishes. It weighs 4.16 oz which makes this rod lighter than other rods in the Orvis series. The forward weight line works efficiently with the support of the lower section of the rod.

With different weight models ranging from 5-weight to 8-weight, this rod offers the angler various options to choose from. The line of the rod hits the target accurately without losing its direction in wind. All models of Orvis Encounter have a length ranging from 7’ up to 10’. 

Orvis encounter

Rod Action

One does not need much power to cast with Orvis Encounter as the rod can easily be lifted or moved in any direction. Maintaining line control won’t be difficult for a beginner as the lower half of the rod is made moderately heavy. This prevents the line from getting breaking while fishing. The tip of the rod is kept flexible and soft so that when the angler moves the rod in the direction of the target line reaches that target with great speed. 

Customizable hooks add more adaptability to the rod while fishing in different water conditions. 

Build Quality

Orvis Encounter is a high-performance rod manufactured with the help of Graphite material that helps in a smoother and longer casting. Black snake guides provide protection to the rod against corrosion and rust in harsh water conditions. The ceramic stripping guide helps to transfer the power from the lower section of the rod to the upper section while casting. Fine rubber mesh provided along the hook protects the hook from damage. The Rod tube is constructed from nylon which adds durability and flexibility to the rod. Orvis Encounter has AAA grade cork which provides a smooth and light grip to the angler. 


Orvis is known for its 25-year warranty policy but with Orvis Encounter, you get a limited warranty. You can get the replacement for even the damaged segments of the rod which can save you a lot of money. If the rod is already damaged or defective before you used it then Orvis will replace your rod for free of cost. But in case there is a natural incident or damage caused by you after the warranty has expired, you can’t avail of any warranty benefit on that rod. 

Versatility and Casting Distance

Suitable for both freshwater and Saltwater Orvis Encounter provides great efficiency in case of casting. Any type of caste whether it is a short distance, medium distance, or long distance this fly rod can get the job done. It can be used to cast as low as 16ft and as high as 45ft with the same precision and accuracy. The loading capacity of Orvis Encounter is very large which helps to attach a heavier line weight to the rod. A heavy line weight helps to cast tight loops at larger distances which helps to attract the fish easily. Orvis Encounter performs well in the case of both trout and large fishes. 

Social Proof

After conducting thorough research and gathering information and proof from many anglers, I would like to share with you the experience of these anglers with Orvis Encounter fly rod:

These are the reviews from the customers who have purchased the Orvis Encounter Fly Rod from Amazon.

Orvis Encounter Vs Redington Crosswater

Redington Crosswater consists of a Cordura rod tube that provides durability and flexibility to the rod. It is a more fast action rod compared to Orvis Encounter with a lightweight body. 

The powerful drag system of Redington Crosswater is more efficient than the Orvis Encounter drag system. This provides great functionality to the line. 

A larger Arbor size in comparison with Orvis Encounter provides more retrieving speed to the rod. For the quick set up of rods, Redington Crosswater comes with an alignment dot which saves time and improves accuracy. 


If you are just starting out in fly fishing and want to learn and fish with a great rod, then Orvis Encounter is a great fit. Not only Orvis Encounter has a detailed design but it also has a durable construction that enhances your performance on the water. 

Different weight models of Orvis Encounter are designed for different water conditions to suit your style of fishing. Orvis Encounter provides great value adaptability on water. These all aspects combine to make this fly rod the best gear that any angler can wish for.

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