Orvis Helios 3 Review – Is this the most Accurate Fly Rod for long casting?

In this Orvis Helios 3 fly rod Review, we are going to share who should buy this rod, where you can use it. What are its key features and their benefits?

orvis helios 3

The Orvis Helios 3 is the latest 3rd generation rod in the series of Helios. Easy to use in both saltwater and freshwater conditions, this rod is perfect for a beginner who is about to enter the world of fishing.

This rod has been manufactured with care to be the most accurate piece in the Helios Series. This rod is available in sizes from 3wt up to 12wt and the price of which starts at $898.

Orvis Helios 3 Review

orvis helios rod

The Orvis Helios 3 aims to tackle the durability and perfection to make maximize distance and line speed. This rod is made up of sleek, and best quality material to ensure a lighter swing weight, greater hoop strength, and reduced sine waves.

This further result in inconsistent accuracy, which helps an angler to gain more and more experience in luring and catching big and speedy fishes. This rod is also made with the latest Graphite IIIe technology with the brand-new designed taper alongside a large Arbor which helps improving casting, mending, and flexibility.

  • Superlight
  • Excellent accuracy for long range casting
  • Versatile with respect to line choice
  • Best recommended for amateurs
  • Fast action with soft tip
  • Very expensive
  • No alignment dots
  • Not much accuracy in short range casting under 40ft.

Key Features, their Performance, and Benefits

Here, in this section, we will explore the features and performance of Orvis Helios 3 which will definitely give you the insights on whether this rod is the right choice for what you demand or not.

How’s the Weight, Line, and Length differ?

orvis helios fly rod reviews

Wind does not affect the performance of the rod as the weight of the rod is perfectly stable. This rod is super light as it weighs only 2.91 ounces and provides a phenomenal amount of strength. Although this rod is light but can feel a bit heavy in the hands of a beginner.

There are a variety of weight models of Orvis Helios ranging from 3-weight to 12-weight. This provides numerous options for the angler to choose from. A durable line made from axial fiber provides excellent execution on both fresh and saltwater. Each weight model of Orvis Helios has a standard length of 9ft.

Variation and Movement of the rod

Fast action of this rod is a great help on smooth water. Tippet of the rod is constructed from high quality material which helps to easily attract the fish. Beginner can easily maintain control of the line as the rod has a stiff lower section.

Line does not get snapped due to the thick shaft provided on the rod. This helps the angler to throw the line in various direction and ranges. Upper section of the rod is curved which provides the necessary flexibility to the tip of the rod to throw a farther line with great accuracy. This rod performs well with medium to longer casts.

Quality of the material used

helios 3 fly rod

Hook keeper provided on the rod is made from rubber and plastic mesh. This helps to protect the hook of the rod from the fish. REC recoil snake guides help the line by providing a smooth and efficient flow. Snake guides can easily absorb shocks on harsh water conditions without being damaged.

Titanium stripping guides are durable. These help to maintain coordination between the lower section of the rod and the line. Chromium blanks help to easily perform a variety of casting angles and distances. Thread wraps are made out of thick fiber and to provide an extended grip to the angler.

Warranty Policy

One gets a 25-year policy on this fly rod. You can save some money as you get repairs or replacements on even segments of the rod. If the rod is already damaged or defective before you used it then Orvis will replace your rod for free. In case of a natural incident or a damage caused by you or anyone after the warranty has expired, won’t get you any benefits or replacements.

Casting ability and Adaptability

With any type of cast whether it is low range, medium range or high range Orvis Helios gets along perfectly well. A heavy line can easily be loaded on Orvis Helios due to its large loading capacity.

Load capacity can be used by anglers to cast short loops as well as larger loops at different operating ranges. Positive hooks provide the choice to set the distance of the caste which the angler wants to operate in.

This helps to quickly align the line of the rod in both fresh and saltwater. With Orvis Helios, one can caste as low as 10ft with the reach capability to caste as high as 60ft.

Difference between Orvis Helios 3D and 3F

helios 3d vs 3f

At 40 feet 3F Helios provides excellent performance and is perfectly effective against harsh wind conditions. Whereas 3D Helios is not much effective against the wind.

The loading capacity of 3F Helios is less as compared to 3D Helios. This gives a much farther reach to 3D Helios. 3D Helios 5-weight model provides phenomenal accuracy at 60 feet.

More retrieving speed is offered by 3D Helios as compared to 3F Helios. The tip of 3F Helios is softer than 3D Helios which provides smooth action. Progressive Taper helps to cast easily on any water, river, lake, or ocean with 3F Helios.


Orvis is known for its quality rods and the experience it gives to the angler. Beginners can easily get used to Orvis Helios [1] due to its lightweight body. Durable construction and unique design make Orvis Helios one of the kinds in Fast action rods. Weight models ranging from 3-weight to 12-weight provide a lot of versatility and reach capability. This fly rod is a whole package of great performance and execution.

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