Orvis Recon Fly Rod Reviews – Is this a Great Beginner Rod?

The Orvis Recon is described as an affordable fly rod that is suitable for use by both beginner and experienced fly fisherman. The Recon is also at home in both freshwater and saltwater. This freshwater series comes in sizes 3-6wt, in a variety of lengths including a 10′ 4wt and 5wt and the series comes in sizes 6-10wt, in lengths up to 10’. 

Orvis Recon Review

orvis recon 2 review

The Orvis Recon rod can target the fish from 35 feet up to 70 feet with accuracy which makes it an impressive choice as this rod provides a smooth short and mid-range casting abilities.

The graphite rod is lightweight in hand, loads quickly, and packs a ton of power. 

Orvis recon comes with a powerful drag system which works efficiently and supports the overall rod. This helps to control the force applied on the line while throwing and pulling. Drag system acts as a precaution to save the rod from breaking in case the line is stripped.

The smooth sturdy cork handle provides a perfect grip over the rod.

Alignment dots and hook keeper are also not there in this Recon fly rod.

  • Powerful drag system
  • Affordable price
  • 25-year warranty
  • Fast action
  • Comfortable grip
  • Does not work well on small rivers
  • No alignment dots
  • No hook keeper
  • Less accurate on longer distance casting

Key Features & Its Benefits

Weight, Line and Length

orvis recon reviews

Orvis recon fly rod comes in different weights ranging from 3-weight to 10-weight. They also come in a variety of lengths ranging from 7’11’’ up to 10’ models. Orvis recon fly rod has a smooth and efficient working line. Weight of the fly rod is supported by the length of the rod to give maximum performance and quality fishing. Standard length for Orvis recon fly rod is 9ft, length of the rod provides necessary flexibility to the tip. This Recon fly rod feels light in the hand and well balanced that provides easy casting and impressive accuracy.

Rod Action

orvis recon freshwater fly rod

Orvis Recon produces a very high performance with its fast action and light swing weight. The softer tip of the Recon is a perfect match for the fast action. The stiffness at bottom and center section of the rod makes it a little flexible at the tip. This fly rod is accurate to cast over all the distances, with the accuracy gradually decreasing off over longer distances.

Orvis recon fly rod performs well against wind and harsh water conditions and can be used to trout with ease that will be very much suitable for luring and catching small and big fishes.

Build Quality

Orvis recon fly rod comes with a 7-inch half well grip which provides a smooth and long-lasting hold to the angler. The olive blank built helps to maintain a small wrap on the section, required to protect the body of the rod.

orvis recon fly rod review

The Nickel hardware used in the rod protects it against corrosion and other harsh conditions. It is also equipped with a dark wood insert that makes the rod look good and stylish with silver stripping guides and snake guides all around the rod. Guides are located closely to the reel. Stripping guides are used to handle the energy of the lower section of the fly rod while the Snake guide helps to reduce weight of the rod and handles the energy of stiff section of rod. Aluminum rod tube helps to protect against saltwater conditions.


Angler can get a warranty on many fly rods. But often many anglers don’t get a good warranty. Orvis recon fly rod offers a 25-year warranty which is a great warranty any angler can ask for. 

If your rod is broken or ineffective then you can get a free replacement from Orvis for that same model. Orvis can also fixe your damaged rod, the only thing you have to do it to send your rod at Orvis office. But in case of a fire or threat or any such incident, there is no responsibility of Orvis. In such case, the angler is himself responsible.

Orvis Recon Vs Sage Motive:

Sage Motive fly rod is a medium action rod heavier than Orvis Recon. The rod offers various models ranging from 6-weight to 12-weight.

Because of the large snake guides in the Sage Motive, it has a more powerful drag system than Orvis Recon. The large arbor size of the Sage Motive makes it a better choice than the Orvis Recon.

Casting at long distances becomes very more accurate with the Sage Motive as this rod can target a fish up to 100 feet while the Orvis Recon is not that smooth and accurate for long distance casting.

This Orvis Recon fly rod comes with a 25-year warranty whereas Sage Motive fly rod comes with a life time warranty. 

Orvis Recon Vs Orvis Helios:

Orvis Helios is light in weight and provides a smoother and fast swing as compared to Recon. Helios has various models ranging from 5-weight to 10-weight and is sturdier in contrast to the Orvis recon. Offering a flexible tip results in a far better rod action than the Orvis Recon that does not have a very flexible tip. Orvis Helios consists of titanium guides which help to perform well in saltwater. 

Alternatives for Orvis Recon Fly Rod

There are a lot of alternatives to a specific fly rod but to choose the best, one need to take many factors in consideration like overall performance, durability, quality, material used, and price. After conducting a lot of research, I have been able to pick some of the best alternatives to the Orvis Recon Fly Rod.

Redington Crux Fly Rod- If you are looking for a rod that offers great performance in terms of power, flexibility, and that is suitable with especially windy conditions, then Redington Crux is a terrific choice. This is one of the best alternatives to the Orvis Recon Fly Rod if we talk in terms of durability and build quality. The castability and its accuracy of the Crux fly rod is perfect for all range of distances. Redington Crux Fly Rod offers a lifetime warranty to its customers while the Orvis Recon Fly rod only provides a 25-year warranty to its customers.

The Redington Crux offers much more features and specifications than the Orvis Recon Fly Rod and that also in the similar price range of $400-$500.

Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod- These are the rods that will provide a greater casting range and that have the power to reach far banks. This is another alternative for the Orvis Recon Fly rod. The Orvis Clearwater is a lightweight and best-suited fly rod for trout fishing. Orvis Recon fly rod has a more powerful, efficient drag system and a large arbor as compared to the Orvis Clearwater fly rod.  Most of the features and specifications of this Clearwater rod are the same as the Orvis Recon but the essential factor is the price of both the rods that creates a key difference between these two rods.

One can get the Orvis Clearwater Fly rod under the price of $250 but the Orvis Recon Fly rod is costly and it is available in the price range between $400-500.


Orvis Recon performs exceptionally well, equipped with the latest features and technology. The different Orvis Recon models available offer flexibility and accuracy, allowing you to fish in many different areas and conditions for a variety of species. 

A person should always keep various factors in mind while purchasing a fly rod. Such factors should be built quality, rod action, weight, line, length, warranty, and price.

All these factors determine which fly rod suits you the best and the Orvis Recon performs exceptionally well in all these aspects.

Orvis Recon is the perfect rod on the market right now that provides the best value for money. With a 25-year warranty, this fly rod could be all you dreamed of.

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