Redington Classic Trout Review

It is considered as the best fly rod for trout fishing. Capable to perform well in both freshwater and saltwater water this fly rod gives excellent results in small streams and rivers. High caliber components used to construct this rod give high performance and accuracy to the angler.

Redington Classic Trout Fly Rod Review

redington classic trout review

Hitting the target with accuracy is an easy task for Redington Classic as this rod is a mixture of strength and response.

A beginner without much experience can easily handle this rod. The lower section of the rod is equipped with a fighting butt that helps to maintain control over the fish.

Durable disc drag system helps you to easily cast over different operating ranges that help to easily attract a fish.

Carbon used in the core of the rod maximizes the strength of the rod while keeping the rod light. Smooth recovery speed of the line is provided by the large arbor size.

Available Sizes

  • Simple to cast
  • Durable drag system
  • Not just for Beginners
  • Fast medium action rod
  • Life time warranty
  • Does not perform well in wind
  • Not suited for long distance casting

Key Features & Benefits

Here, we will explore various aspects such as the weight, build quality, action, and etc. of the Redington Classic Trout fly rod.

Weight, Line and Length

redington ct fly rods review

The weight of the rod is kept in balance with the weight of the line so that the rod can perform better on water. The line is capable of sustaining shocks in water which makes it unbreakable. The line has a great recovery speed which provides quicker response action to the angler.

The progressive taper provides the line with a large heft to the rod. Heft helps the rod to caste longer and farther. Redington Classic trout [1] comes in from 2-weight to 6-weight which are most suitable for trout. Standard Length of Redington Classic trout is 9ft. The length of the rod increases the reach capability of the line.

Movement and Performance of the Rod

redington ct fly rod

Quick loading capacity of the rod provides fast action and light swing to the angler. In a medium range of 30-40ft Redington Classic Trout provides a smooth and efficient flow caste.

This four-piece, one-tip rod has a deep bend to protect the tippet. This allows the fish to get stuck to the hook of the rod without damaging the tippet. Undisturbed uniform action is provided by the rod even in a hard water condition which is of great quality.

Line control of the rod is easy to control as the rod is stiff in the lower section and light at the upper section. The tip of the rod is highly sensitive and soft.

Material used to build the Rod

This rod has a real traditional design that provides impressive flex, accuracy, and smooth casting as it is constructed with the latest technology. Assembling the rod for use on any water is an easy task as this rod comes with alignment dots.

Titanium oxide stripping guides helps the line of the rod to easily reach the target with an accurate cast. A nice touch and a tight hold are provided by the cork handles which are built with high-quality materials.

Brown blanks are constructed with nickel which removes any unnecessary force exerted on the line. Anodized aluminum reel seats are used to increase the throwing and retrieving capacity of the line.


Lifetime warranty is provided by Redington for this rod. Redington either replaces that rod or repairs it considering the amount of damage if you have a damaged or a broken rod. Redington Classic Trout provides a limited guarantee of one year. 

But in case the rod gets damage due to angler or any natural incident then it is not a responsibility of Redington. Angler must purchase his/her rod from an authorized dealer of Redington to avail the warranty on the fly rod.

Versatility and Casting Distance

redington ct classic trout fly rod

The high sensitivity of the rod allows you to easily load and unload the line over desired distances. Positive hooks are customizable which lets you set the hook so that you can caste at different ranges. Casts at short distances are easily achievable due to taper of the rod which also provides more power in longer casts.

Built-up energy is easily released as the butt section of the rod is flexed downwards. This provides more flexibility to the tip. This rod might be uncomfortable on big rivers with casts over 50 feet. But in case of shorter casts of less than 40ft, you will experience pure results with excellence.

Conclusion – Classic Trout Review

Some fast action rod might appear more cost effective and well functioning. But Redington Classic trout not only is affordable but one of the best performing fast action rods available in the market. Classic Trout is high-quality and carefully constructed rod which satisfies all your fishing needs.

Suitable line, weight, and length makes this fly rod the ideal rod which can provide you with great fishing experience. Beginners can easily learn fishing with the help of durable gear and line which supports every water condition. Choosing the right fly rod can sometimes be confusing but Redington Classic Trout makes your choice worth the money and time.

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