Sage Response Fly Rods Review – Is this a Best Smoot casting Fast Action Rod?

In this Sage Response Fly Rod Review, we will share who should buy this rod, where you can use it, and what its key features and benefits are.

Sage Response Series Fly Rods are hand-built that is comparatively fast compared to Accel, which is moderate in action. Higher line speed of Sage Response can help you in longer casts and tight loops, which further provides great lift, a lot of reserve power, versatility, and ability to cast in windy conditions easily. These qualities make Sage Response easily usable for the experienced anglers.

Sage Response Review

sage response reviews

When it comes to Sage, they provide the most comfortable grip in their rods. Sage Response comes with half wells grip on freshwater line weights ranging from 3wt-6wt. Rods of 7wt or more come with full wells grip, which provides a smooth hold and grip on water.

If you use Sage Accel or Foundation, you will find it difficult to hit on your target in water precisely. Sage Response provides much higher accuracy and precision than other rods in Sage’s series.

Tippet of Sage Response is durable and is protected with rubber covering. Tippet helps to throw the line in various directions with ease. It also helps to lure in the fish.


  • Rod Length: 9 ft
  • Action: Fast
  • Pieces: 4
ModelLine WeightRod Weight
490-44 wt3 ⅛ oz
790-47 wt3 ⅔ oz
890-48 wt4 oz
990-49 wt4 oz
1090-410 wt4 ¼ oz
  • Affordable
  • Good line speed
  • Great performance in windy conditions
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • No alignment dots
  • Not good for short distance casting
  • Does not provide a suitable grip for small-handed anglers

Key Features & their Performance

Here, we will explore various aspects such as the weight, build quality, action, etc of the Sage Response fly rod.

Weight, Line, and Length

Sage-Response rod length

When you lift a Sage Response, you will find it a bit heavy compared to other rods in the lightweight category if you are a beginner. But the extra weight of the rod causes no downward effect on the performance of Sage Response in water.

If you plan to fish in freshwater, you will find Sage Response with weight ranging from 2 15/16oz-3 5/16oz much efficiently. Whereas in Saltwater, you can have optimum efficiency with Sage Response with weight ranging from 4oz-4.25oz.

One can observe that the line of Sage Response is solid and hard to break, and when it is cast, especially at long distances, the very first thing to be noticed is the smooth and efficient flow of the line. Even in windy conditions, I observed the line providing a smooth action without any disturbance.

Smooth Casting, Fast Action Rod

catching a fish with safe response

When you focus on the rod structure, you will find that the rod is made heavy at the bottom and light at the upper section. This variation made perfect sense when I used the rod to throw the line at target.

What I felt was when I move the rod in a particular direction, all the energy gets transferred from the bottom to the upper section of the rod, which helps in better casting.

You will find it relatively easy to cast between 20ft-50ft without much effort. Sage Response does not offer the best accuracy and precision but is considered among the top 5 in the lightweight category.

Build Quality

Sage_Response Grips

At the lower section of the rod, you get rosewood insert with an aluminum reel seat, which provides a classic look to the rod and easily attracts the fish. Just above the lower section, you will notice Half Wells grip with line weight ranging from 3wt-6wt. And Full Wells grip if your rod has a line weight of 7 and above.

This is a considerable variation that helps to provide a firm grip on all of the line weights. As you move further up, you will notice some similarities in the Sage Response construction with other rods of Sage’s series. Tight brown thread wraps with black and gold tips are provided on this rod.

This thread helps in better wrapping. You will notice that the rod has no alignment dots, which can cause some loss of time when you are assembling the rod, but this is not a significant issue that would affect your performance on the water. 

sage response review

The rod’s midsection is provided with a ceramic stripper guide that I admire as it provides consistent flow to the line. Overall, the rod is quite durable as it is constructed with graphite and provides a good flow of the line.


When it comes to warranty, Sage has proved to be the best provider at the warranty. If you buy a Sage Response, you get a lifetime warranty, which includes replacement and repairs for rod, blank, and reel. But this does not mean that one can use Sage Response without any caution.

Sage does not provide any replacement or repairs to the attachments of the rod or with the blank. Also, in case of any natural incident such as fire, theft, missing rod section, intentional breaking, any changes made to the rod cause damage. Sage does not take any responsibility for such acts. 


This rod has many great features and quality, but I would not recommend a beginner to straightaway go on fishing with Sage Response as it is a bit heavy for a beginner. 

Sage Response offers greater accuracy and precision than other Sage rods. High wind won’t stop you from fishing or luring your fish. It has got a smooth and powerful line which won’t break. Made from graphite llle technology, this rod is very durable and would not disappoint you on water. 

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