Orvis Superfine Glass Review

The Orvis Superfine Glass is an amazing rod which serves very well for dry fly anglers in both freshwater and saltwater conditions with great casting accuracy and presentation. This rod is a bit heavy with hard to break factor as it is manufactured from fiberglass material instead of Graphite.

This rod is rated as the best fiberglass rod by Fly Fisherman Magazine. With the slow, controlled action, you may not find this rod easy to cast but with this rod gives you the ability to fight with a finicky fish and catch her.

A powerful line gives an extra edge on the water to the angler while fly fishing. There are many different variants of the Orvis Superfine Glass fly rod ranging from 2wt-6wt, where the price starts at $325. These glass rods are made in the USA, right, of the Orvis factory in Manchester, Vermont.

To get all the info about the fiberglass Orvis Superfine rod, read our detailed rod reviews below with its features and performance.

ModelsNumber of Pieces
2-Weight 6’6″3
3-weight 7’ 6”3
4-weight 7’6″ 3
5-weight 8′ 3
6-weight 8’6”3
8-weight 8’8” 4
Orvis Superfine fiberglass rods family Comparison Chart

Orvis Superfine Glass Review

Orvis Superfine Glass Review

To get the best catch out of your fly rod Orvis has provided a fine tippet that improves the capability to attract the fish. Rod is custom built from carbon fiber which provides durability and resistance against corrosion and rust.

Half well cork handles suit perfectly well with this rod providing nice and smooth grip to angler without hurting the skin of the hand. Dark thread wraps on the tube of the rod keep the tube intact and in position.

The floating line provides an edge to the angler due to which he/she can easily fish on both freshwater and saltwater. Beginner or an experienced angler both can easily handle this rod without much effort.

So We have tried fishing with 7’6″ 4wt superfine glass rod. This gives great accuracy when we’re making those delicate light presentations and the fight on. This is just amazing. With that full flex, we’re able to fight bigger fish and lighter tippet and still bring it in, keeping the health of that fish really strong.

  • The Orvis Superfine rod is very accurate at short distance casting
  • Made of Fibreglass which is not costly compared to Graphite
  • Highly flexible
  • Stiff butt section
  • Ideal for small stream and rivers
  • The Glass Superfine rod is bit heavy
  • Inadequate for Carp fishing
  • Orvis Glass rod is not much suitable for beginners as of its heavy weight

Key Features & Performance

Here, we will explore various aspects such as the weight, build quality, action, and etc of the Orvis Superfine Glass fly rod.

Weight, Line, and Length

Orvis Superfine Glass

Line weight of Orvis Superfine glass ranges from 2-weight to 5-weight rods which provides vast functionality to the rod. Weight of Orvis Superfine glass rod ranges from 2-weight to 6-weight which provides an easy control to the angler. Line comes with a shock absorbing capability which provides stability to the angler.

Superfine Glass rod provides a fast response action to the angler due to the fast recovery speed of the line. The 3wt rod is good for small creeks while an 8.6 inch 6wt rod is good for trout fishing in winters. Additional force is provided to the rod while luring the fish in the water by a progressive taper.

Movement and Action of Rod

Orvis Superfine Glass Review

At close distance lure of the line can be a bit heavy but provides excellent accuracy and control. Targeting fish is an easy job for Orvis Superfine glass as the rod is equipped with adaptable line.

With stiff lower section you don’t need to apply much force while casting. Rod is bended without being brittle which provides necessary flexibility to the tip.

The line can be cast at a farther distance and in different directions with the help of a flexible tip. The line has an undisturbed action in harsh water and in wind conditions. Orvis Superfine Glass rod performs well in mid to long-distance casts.

Material Quality

Orvis Superfine Glass Review

Orvis superfine glass blanks are made from fiberglass, which offers precision in close-range casting on both fresh and saltwater conditions. Interchangeable handles made from durable quality components provide easy hold and performance to the angler.

Chrome light wire stripping guide provides smooth flow to the line and prevents the line from snapping. Silver rod tube attached with the rod has a thick shaft which provides strength to rod to hold the line. Drag system constructed from nickel hardware improves the throwing and rolling speed of the line.

AAA graded corks perform well in all conditions and environments and provide a smooth grip to the angler.

Adaptability and Reach Capacity

Casts more than 40ft are not much versatile and provide a slow action. But with shorter casts Orvis Super fibreglass shows excellent execution. Adding an additional 15ft skin tip to the rod can increase the reach capability and adaptability of the rod.

The front weight line of the rod is balanced with the weight of the rod to provide necessary movement to the angler. A large amount of line can be loaded with Orvis Super fiberglass which enhances the operating ranges in which the angler can cast. Positive hooks can be set to change the casting distance according to the suitability of the angler.

Warranty policy

Superfine glass rod offers a better warranty compared to other fast action fly rods. Orvis provides a 25-year warranty on your fly rod even if it is broken. If your rod is in bad shape and cannot be repaired than Orvis Provides a replacement for that rod for free of charge.

If your rod gets completely destroyed or damaged than Orvis provides replacement with the current version of that model. You can avail of this warranty only if you have purchased the Orvis Superfine glass rod from an Orvis dealer only.


As per our Orvis Superfine Glass Review, this fly rod is an excellent choice for your fishing trip due to its right accuracy, perfect bend, and weight. You can easily caste on any lake, water, river, and ocean without losing stability and grip. Customizable hooks protected with rubber covering makes it easy to attract fishes of various sizes.

Beginners can easily learn fishing with Orvis Superfine fiberglass rod without breaking the tube or blanks. As this rod is made with durable quality. This rod can be your ideal rod which can provide you with absolute performance and value.

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